Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lists: Secondhand in Ghent

This is a continuously growing list of secondhand and vintage shops in the Belgian city of Ghent.

House of Vintage 

Dampoortstraat 27, 9000 Gent
House of Vintage is a well-stocked secondhand location - especially if you're after shoes and handbags - you will find an abundance of these here. The man working at the desk was so informative that it would be a shame to let the effort go to waste, so here is a list of the prices:

Boots: €30 | Shoes: €12 | Ankle boots: €15 | Blouses and shirts: €6 upward | Men's vests and tops: €15-€20 | Cocktail dresses: €25-€50 | Bridal: €70 upward | Handbags: €15-€40

Myriam Wulffaert Vintage

This vintage shop has really great items with prices ranging from around €15, upward for most pieces.

Sint Jacobsnieuwstraat 85,
9000 Gent

T2 (ThinkTwice)
We've already covered this store enough, needless to say: it comes very highly recommended!

Ajuinlei 15, 9000 Gent

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